Shingles Vaccination

There is now a choice of shingles vaccines when you turn 70 years old (although it can be given from 50 if you are willing to self fund). The government funded single dose vaccine Zostavax reduces your risk of shingles by 50% and reduces shingles pain by two thirds if you develop shingles, despite having the vaccine.  The new to Australia alternate 2 dose vaccine Shingrix is 97% effective in preventing shingles so is significantly superior to Zostavax and is the preferred vaccine of ATAGI. Unfortunately it is not government funded and the 2 doses that are administered 2 to 6 months apart cost $250 each. Under a recently extended catch up programme the government funded Zostavax vaccine is available for anyone from 70 years old to 79 years old until the end of October 2023. Talk to your doctor if unsure which vaccine to have. Shingrix is the perfect Christmas or birthday present to consider for a relative.