The Summerdale Medical Practice is involved heavily in teaching to ensure health professionals can train locally and meet the future work force demands of northern Tasmania. We have partnerships with the University of Tasmania Medical School, the University of Tasmania School of Nursing, General Practice Training Tasmania and TasTAFE. Additionally we provide occasional work experience for high school students and occasional medical student placements through the John Flynn Scholarship Placement Programme. At any one time in the Practice we can have medical students that may be in their first to fifth year, nursing students on a practical rotation and GP registrars who can be in their first, second or subsequent years preparing to become Fellows of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners.

Our Practice participates in a number of research projects and clinical audits. Patient consent is always obtained should any of these projects or audits require the use of information in clinical files. Many of the research projects are based at the LGH and appropriate consent will have been obtained when the patient is first enrolled in the project.

The Summerdale Medical Practice has no commercial links with any body or organisation that gathers information for commercial use and does not sell any individual or accumulated data to any organisation.