The Summerdale Medical Practice does not routinely bulk bill.

The Summerdale Medical Practice charges fees that ensure we continue to deliver a quality and comprehensive service.

Doctors individually determine the fee to be charged. The average out-of-pocket/gap payment fees are:

Consultations Standard HCC / Pension Medicare Rebate
Standard Consult (<20 minutes) $101.65 $81.25 $42.85
Long Consult (20-30  minutes) $142.95 $122.55 $82.90
Long C2 Consult (30-40  minutes) $182.95 $162.55 $82.90
Prolonged Consult ( >40  minutes) $224.40 $204.40 $122.15
Mirena Insertion  $302.65 $277.65 $77.65
Iron Infusion $178.00 $178.00 $122.15

Procedure Fees

Medicare rebates vary from procedure to procedure.

Standard HCC / Pension
Procedure Gap Fee $151.00 $91.00

If you have financial difficulty please discuss this with your doctor

Payment of Accounts

Our fee schedule is determined by our costs and adjusted accordingly.

Note, your out of pocket expense (gap) for a longer appointment is $2.80 greater than a standard consultation. Please book a longer appointment if you have complex matters to discuss or mental health issues to discuss.

We require at least 2 hours notice of cancellation of appointments and reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee for failure to do so.

Medicare Safety Nets

The Australian Government offers to all Australians an annual safety net for medical services with a Medicare item number and pharmaceuticals available through the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.

Anyone on a Medicare Card is registered as an individual. However, families are required to register for a group concession with the Medicare office, or to obtain forms by phoning 1800 011 163, or on-line at the Health Insurance Commission.

Children Under 16

From November 2023, Summerdale Medical Practice is pleased to now be able to routinely bulk bill children under 16 for standard, booked weekday appointments. The government’s bulk billing incentive payment that allows us to provide this bulk billed service only applies to certain Medicare item numbers (standard consult numbers) and not to others (e.g. mental health and other care plans, procedures etc.) so a gap payment may be required for these types of consultations, or for non-booked emergency ‘fit in’ presentations. Telephone consultations for children under 16 will be bulk billed as long as they qualify for a Medicare rebate (see ‘Telephone Consultations’)

Telephone Consultations

Summerdale does offer the option of telephone consultations, but in many cases a face to face appointment is preferred.  If you are unsure what is most appropriate, please check with reception when booking.  All COVID-19 positive patients will be booked phone consultations in the first instance and cannot be seen face to face at the practice within 7 days of testing positive.

Fees for telephone consultations are the same as for face to face appointments as listed above.  Please note; in most cases Medicare requires that you must have had a face to face consultation at the practice within the preceding 12 month period in order to qualify for any Medicare rebate for a telephone consultation.  If you do not qualify you may wish to book a face to face consultation if appropriate to avoid increased out of pocket costs.  There is unfortunately no possibility of bulk billing a telephone consultation that does not qualify for a medicare rebate, including for children under 16.

In order to qualify for a Medicare rebate for a telephone consultation over 20 minutes, you must have registered Summerdale as your nominated practice via My Medicare.