On most occasions your doctor will have provided you with enough repeats to last until your next appointment is due.

Providing prescriptions without a review by your doctor can carry a risk and can be unsafe so our Practice does not supply prescriptions without an appointment.

If you have lost your prescription or run out unexpectedly your chemist can provide you with a one week supply of most regular medication without a prescription to allow you time to make an appointment.

If you are unable to attend for a standard appointment but need a repeat of your regular medication our Practice now runs medication review clinics which are held regularly through the week. At these appointments there is insufficient time to tackle any new problems and we ask that you book for a normal consultation if you have other requests or problems to bring up.

For pension/concession card holder and children under 16 years, this service is covered by Medicare with no out of pocket cost. For private patents, this service has an out of pocket cost of $15.