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The Compass Trial for Cervical Cancer Screening

 Are you a woman aged 25-38 years?

Summerdale Medical is taking part in the Compass trial for cervical cancer screening. The Compass trial is comparing the Pap Smear with the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) test to determine which is most effective at preventing cervical cancer. This will ultimately improve cervical screening programs for women globally.

Compass’ Cervical Screening Trial is the largest clinical trial ever in Australia.

It is only recently that the trial has become available for Northern Tasmanian women to participate. Summerdale Medical (alongside other local medical practices) are helping Compass find an additional 7000 women aged 25-38 years before the 30th of November to take part in the trial.

When asked about the Compass trial, Dr Natasha Vavrek said [that] “The trial could influence the outcomes of women all over the world. It’s a wonderful thing to be a part of.”

Since 1991 when the National Cervical Screening Program begun, the amount of Australian women who have died from cervical cancer has halved.

Dr Natasha Vavrek, Dr Diane Hintum, Dr Tricia Siu and Dr Karinna Fyfe are all taking part in the trial here at the Practice. So if you are a women aged 25-38 years and are interested in participating, please let reception staff know, when booking your next well woman’s check

For more information about the Compass trial, click HERE or call: 1800 635 611