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Meningococcal ACWY Vaccine

This morning the government has announced a funded program for Meningococcal vaccinations for children aged over 6 weeks, up to 21 years. This is for the

strains A,C,W,Y. This program is being initiated in Hobart and is  in it’s very early stages of being rolled out. Launceston and  Summerdale Medical  have not received the funded vaccines yet.

Delivery dates are determined by Public Health, therefore we are unable to advise our patients of a commencement date.

Please continue to check our news feed or phone the surgery between 9am-5pm weekdays after Wednesday 1st August. We are hopeful that by this date we will be able to provide our patients with more information.

Meningococcal B is still a private script and you will need a doctor’s appointment to get scripts and work out a vaccination schedule.