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Our History

The Practice has always been engaged in the education of junior medical personnel. Student Nurses and Medical Students regularly rotate through our Practice and greatly appreciate when you allow them to observe your management.

Doctors at the Practice work in a consultative atmosphere but at all times function autonomously in the decision-making that affects clinical care.

Below is a timeline of major changes that have occurred at Summerdale Medical Practice since its establishment.

1975, Summerdale Medical Practice established by Dr. Neville Fernando in Hardwick Street.
1982, Summerdale Medical Practice moves to its current site at the corner of Peel and Stanley Streets and Dr Julie Ostberg commences consulting at the Practice 
1985, Dr John Hughes commences consulting at the Practice
1987, Dr Malcolm Tilsley commences consulting at the Practice
1990, Dr Joe Tempone commences consulting at the Practice 
1993, Significant renovations made to the Summerdale Medical Practice building including the creation of a new waiting room space and new consulting rooms. Dr Roddick departs from the Practice.
1994, Dr Neil Filgate commences consulting at the Practice
1996, Dr Donald Rose and Dr Anne Wilson commence consulting at the Practice. Summerdale Medical Practice building is again expanded to increase the number of consulting rooms.
1997, Dr Fernando departs from the Practice to move interstate.
2004, Dr Dianne Hintum commences consulting at the Practice
2011, Dr Natasha Vavrek commences consulting at the Practice
2012, Summerdale Medical Practice undergoes renovations to expand the building’s capacity.
2013, Dr Robin Bailey-Smith commences consulting at the Practice
2014, Dr Nathan Lucas and Dr Kate Scoles commence consulting at the Practice
2014, Dr Natasha Vavrek become an assistant of the Practice
2015, Dr Robin Bailey-Smith departs the practice
2015, Dr Katherine Moore and Dr Rose Tilsley commence at the Practice
2015, Dr John Hughes retires as a partner of the Practice and continues as an assistant
2015, Dr Nathan Lucas becomes an assistant of the Practice
2016, Dr Diane Hintum becomes a partner of the Practice
2016, Dr Simen Sletvold commences consulting at the Practice
2017, Dr Natasha Vavrek becomes a partner of the Practice
2017, Dr Malcolm Tilsley retires as a partner of the Practice and continues as an assistant 
2017, Dr Kate Scoles departs the Practice
2018, Dr Katherine Moore and Dr Rose Tilsley depart the Practice
2020, Dr Natasha Vavrek departs the Practice
2020, Dr Nathan Lucas becomes a partner of the Practice